Tianmenshan today - it was so cloudy we couldn't see...

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Tianmenshan today - it was so cloudy we couldn't see any Avatar-like mountains but we did walk along two of the glass walkways staring down the cliffside to the ground 1500 metres below. All the walkways hang over sheer cliff but being on glass makes it that little bit scarier and there were a few people clutching the cliff as they inched their way around ????. ???? Well-timed again as usual - we arrived in the middle of a Chinese holiday, but what's an extra couple of million people on the mountain top anyway? And none of them could get past me when I was determined to get this people-free shot haha [actually as usual we found the people in China to be very kind and they gave us lots of space and were so kind and patient with us getting pics ????]. Gave our passports to a friend of the guesthouse owner who queued up at 2am to get our tickets for us and up we went. ???? The Chinese are amazing, to get up we took the worlds longest cable car and to get down at the end we went on about 12 escalators inside a mountain to a bus stop where a cushy minivan drove us down 99 bends. So there is Emmie living her dream on the walkway in her brand new @kathmandugear (pants held up by a tassel tie ???? - five ⭐️ for improvising Em)...tomorrow we are hiking for six hours ???????????? to a guesthouse in the national park. Omg also it is freezing here and again we don't have warm clothes cause we ditched them after our last freezing China adventure. ????May have to buy more puffer jackets...we make generous contributions to local economies wherever we go mostly on account of stupidity or lack of preparation. . . . . . . . #traveldiaries #wanderlust #mytinyatlas #happydays #bestdays #escapetravel #holidayswithkids #wearetravelmums #traveltheworld #familytrip #travelkids #travellingwithkids #glasswalkway #chinaglasswalkway #tianmenshan #tianmenmountain #lovechina #visitchina #zhangjaijie #avatarmountains #kathmandugear #chinamountains #avatar #tianmen #chinamountains #chinatown #china????????