It's nice up here in the clouds but...

Amazing Places

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It's nice up here in the clouds but very very cold. We walked for hours in the rain through forest and alongside creeks with avatar mountains towering over us - the only problem was it was so foggy and cloudy we couldn't see them ???? ???????? But at the very end of the day we arrived at the incredible glass elevator that goes 32 stories up the side of a mountain and all of a sudden the fog cleared and we saw an amazing view of jagged tree covered golden shards striking up into the sky. ???????? Tonight we are in a small family guest house down the side of a mountain. It's tiny and the owners are so sweet and the rooms are fine and we can tell they've gone to a lot of effort with what they have to make them welcoming. There's even a small trail to a lookout they made themselves, carving a path into the side of the mountain. The view is spectacular. We had the best meal, home cooked by one of the men, and we communicate via a translate app and the lady owner, Qantanqai (that is my spelling ????) told me 'this is our house, but we are residents of the mountain'. ???????? Love it here. And we are in the middle of nowhere with the best wifi I've ever had in China ???? oh and Emmie is so excited that this is the first place we've stayed with a squatter in the bathroom. She loves them!! She literally was so happy with it. Doesn't take much to make this little chickie happy???? . . . . . . #traveldiaries #wanderlust #mytinyatlas #happydays #bestdays #escapetravel #holidayswithkids #wearetravelmums #traveltheworld #familytrip #travelkids #travellingwithkids #lookout #amazingchina #zhangjaijie #avatarmountains #lovechina #visitchina #kathmandugear #chinanature #avatar #beautifulchina #chinamountains