Haha I forgot to tell you about this...

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Haha I forgot to tell you about this temple visit. I saw the entrance as we drove past in a tuk tuk and asked the driver to take us up. It was deserted apart from a few monkeys who looked us over as we walked past and we eventually found out way up to the top on scorching ground (no shoes) which is why Emmie is running here. It was really cool though, so high up and with awesome views. ✖️????✖️ But then, on descent - the monkeys had gathered. There were at least 20 running around, playing and watching us, and directly in our path. We had to walk through them. ????✖️???? I have a shameful monkey past - when Emmie and I were attacked by monkeys on Penang Hill in Malaysia I ran, leaving her behind to be surrounded and pawed. It's been one of my biggest failings (although quite funny now) but she still has monkey fears. ???? So: 'Okay Em, I said, just keep walking slowly and don't look them in the eyes. And get ready to abort mission.' I had my camera ready as a tool and as soon as we started moving forward monkeys came running and I went into some kind of strange army mode yelling to Em 'Retreat! Retreat!' And pushing her behind me as I swung my camera - but not aggressively as I didn't want a full blown monkey attack. We got back up the hill unscathed but needing to find a way out! ???????????? So we creeped into and around the very quiet monks quarters until we found a little path down the side of a small building that led us around behind those awful monkeys and escaped! ???????????? Monkeys are not our friends! . . . . . . #monkeymadness #monkeyssuck #srilankadaily #wanderlust #gapyear #happydays #bestdays #escapetravel #holidayswithkids #wearetravelmums #traveltheworld #familytrip #travelkids #travellingwithkids #visitsrilanka #srilankadaily#lovesrilanka #dambulla #templetime #seesrilanka #srilankatemple #retreat #crazymonkeys #backpacking #adventuretogether #traveltogether