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Completely not travel related or maybe so, since while we stopped in Singapore Emmie got to have her fave meal of frankfurts! However, this is the pic of the razor blade Emmie pulled from her mouth after finding it in an Emborg brand frank - that she was chewing!!! - from the packet above. We are so lucky she didn't swallow it; cut her mouth or have it pierce the roof of her mouth. . I've emailed the company, I've facebooked them, I've instagrammed them, and more than three days later there's still no response. I went to the shop we bought them from (Fairprice) and together we took the product off the shelf - but surely the manufacturer has a responsibility to its customers to at least investigate how a seven year old ends up with a razor in her mouth from their food?! @emborgasia I hope to hear from you soon that you have alerted stores and are using the batch number I provided to recall stock. This happened in Singapore so I suggest avoiding this product especially, if you're living or visiting here. . . . . #areyouthereemborg #traveldiaries #wanderlust #mytinyatlas #happydays #bestdays #escapetravel #holidayswithkids #wearetravelmums #traveltheworld #familytrip #travelkids #travellingwithkids #hotdoghorror #singaporefood #emborgasia #emborgproblem